February 24, 2014 NSR Admin

A night at The Stand with WitTank: The School.

I recently went to the Stand Comedy club in Newcastle and saw the amazing WitTank presenting a sketch called The School. I have to admit that I had never been to see a sketch show before and this one was excellent. It was based on events from boarding schools and although my knowledge on boarding schools is limited, the performance didn’t fail to entertain me.

The comedy was so random but was performed seamlessly. There was also some very humourous improvisation when the performers sometimes forgot their lines and when they brought some of the audience members onstage. I would thoroughly recommend this sketch to anyone who loves a bit of eccentric humour.
The stand comedy club itself was a perfect venue to host the show. Upstairs in the main area, there was a bar where you could enjoy a few drinks and perhaps order some food before the show.  The venue downstairs, where the performance was held, was small but it was the best setting for the show. You were really near the stage so there was no need for microphones and there was no problems with regards to actually seeing what was on stage.

All in all, it was a great night and I would gladly venture there again.

Danielle Nicholl