Single Review: Chic feat. Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There

The day when we get to hear new music from Chic and Nile Rodgers has finally arrived! Nile Rodgers has been teasing us with snippets and instrumentals of the new track entitled ‘I’ll Be There‘ for the past few weeks, find even announcing a tour of the UK beginning tonight at London’s Roundhouse in Camden. Back to the song however, erectile and there is very little we can say apart from that it is simply fabulous.

It is classic Chic: Nile Rodger’s trademark guitar chords and progression is all over this track, as is the great Bernard Edwards bass, propelling the disco floor filler onwards, hopefully to a great position on the UK Singles Charts. The strings, the horns, the percussion (provided by The Martinez Brothers, no less) are equally wonderful, as are the vocals. It is classic Chic, no one vocalist dominates whilst the vocalists themselves do not overpower the musicians – everyone is an equal. It’s wonderful to hear new music from the band that pioneered disco, and the band that disco nearly ended. The resurrection of Nile Rodgers as a musical icon in the past five years is truly beautiful to see, and he deserves all the credit he has received in recent years. For his hard-core fans, for which we are, a new Chic single release (and forthcoming album release) is a delight.

Honestly, there’s nothing more we could write to persuade you to check it out. You’re better simply listening to it yourself. The track is available to purchase on iTunes, if you have Spotify the extended version and instrumental is available to listen to below along with another new song ‘Back in the Old School’.

George Haffenden.

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EP Review: Holychild – Mindspeak

Who wouldn’t be attracted by a super colourful donut covered in sprinkles? That is exactly what caught my attention when I first saw Holy Child’s sample EP in our studio at NSR.


I took it with me to the library, and with an intense schedule full of assignments deadlines and exams ahead of me, I put it in my computer and waited for inspiration.

And there I found it!


The first song “Happy With Me”, immediately puts a smile on your face and you find yourself singing along, following the rhythm with your head even if it is the first time you hear it. Those bouncy and girly tunes will tickle your imagination and take you somewhere in sunny California, on the beach, even if, harsh but true, you are in cloudy Newcastle, studying in a dark room.


This feeling of lightness never leaves you until the end of the EP, it is then when you will be abruptly taken back to reality and wish there were more song in it.


The playlist has only 4 tracks on but they are consistent, they seem to follow a chronological order that in the end will tell you a story about love, men, relationship, life…The music style keeps the same pace throughout the 15 minutes lent of the EP, sometime speeding with more indie, electro-pop sounds like in “Playboy Girl”, to a heavier drums presence in “Every Time I Fall”, until you reach the last song, “Pretend Believe”, with a completely different pace, the least bubbly and pop of the whole lot, that reminds me of mix between the Morningwood, in their early days with “Nth Degree”, and the synthpop vibes of an early LaRoux.


Fun, glamour, feminism, drums, a hint of the 80s music and modern electro-indie influences, the result is definitely positive. the Holychild are for sure a duo we should keep our eyes on.


Sara Antonacci


Single Review: Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Bring Me The Horizon are not a band that I would usually listen to, physician but like many bands and musician they continue to make music that can connect on a high level consistently, vcialis 40mg and ‘Drown’ is one of those songs. Along with a hard hitting riff and the help of a lyrically on point lead singer, Oliver Sykes, the newest single is one to remember. Do not be scared off by the label of heavy metal/rock tag because either way there is definitely more to this band that screaming and shouting and just plain racket. This song hits a lot harder than most ‘cry for help’ songs and makes us the listener take a step back a realize the deeper meaning. The band seem to have grown up in the last 18 months since there last record and changed the tone a bit differently adding substance and subtly to their music making it all the more exciting for those who are just beginning to take interest like myself.


It will take a few listens to click, it’s not an easily digestible song, but when it does you recognize the rise and fall and how it keeps you listening right till the last strum of the guitar. And as a stand alone single you really get a lot more of a song in there, they are not placing this on an album, making this stand out even more and can make the listener begin to appreciate the messages they bring to the song, “what does kill you makes you wish you were dead”/“it comes in waves, I close my eyes, hold my breath and let it bury me”. Heavy but also hauntingly beautiful one could say. Exactly what any music lover loves to hear.


The band has been on tour for a long time since there last record and are about to play at Wembley in December. And this song epitomizes why they are revamping there own genre, bringing it in touch with people through the help of clever lyrics and chorus you would pay to shout out whilst watching them live. They have connected with those who may have felt rock was just too much to handle. The next album is sure to be a strong one.


Alex Mackenzie

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Single Review – Glen Campbell is ‘Not Gonna Miss You’

Glen Campbell is a true hero of American music: from being a member of the infamous ‘Wrecking Crew’ set of musicians in the 1960s, to replacing Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys on tour for six months, to becoming a country music legend in his own right.


Sadly, Glen Campbell is no longer the man he once was: two years ago he embarked on a farewell tour of the world after it was announced he was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. More sadly, it would be a tour he could not complete. Even with the help of his family on tour, and the use of tele-prompters and technology to help him perform, he was deemed unable to continue and his tour of Australia was cancelled.


In conjunction with a soon-to-be released documentary on his life, Glen Campbell has released what will no doubt be his final song, I’m Not Gonna Miss You. It’s a beautiful yet harrowing which deals with his struggle with Alzheimer’s straight on. The opening lyric – “I’m still here, but yet I’m gone” – is a brilliantly succinct summary of the effect of the disease. The lyrics are poignant and delivered with passion from Campbell, which makes the track all more harrowing.


He pays tribute to his wife in the song, who has appeared at his side in all of his public appearances since his diagnosis. The lyrics once again tackle the effects of Alzheimer’s:


“You’re never gonna see it in my eyes

It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry

I’m never gonna know what you go through”


It’s such an incredible song, and it is impossible not to be moved by it. It’s simply remarkable, and a fitting farewell from one of America’s biggest legends.

 George Haffenden.



SINGLE REVIEW: Paz Antiguana – Surfin’ the Channel & Tropical Soul

Out of Paris comes my latest obsession: a Latin-boogaloo band called Paz Antiguana. So far the band have released four superb tracks, viagra buy which have been made available to listen to on SoundCloud, and – even more impressively – they’ve been released on two vinyl 7” singles.


The band describe their sound as the ‘illegitimate child of soul music and afro-Cuban music born in the end of the 60’s in NYC’, and its easy to see why: they combine soul, with Latin-Jazz to great effect on these two single releases. My favourite of the four sings is Surfin’ the Channel, which features the delicious vocals of lead singer Corina Santana who delivers her lines with sophistication and ease. The percussion is equally brilliant; giving the track it’s afro-Cuban depth, making it one groovy tune.


The B-Side to Surfin’ is a track entitled Groovin’, which features another irresistible lead vocal, combined with seductive and tight background vocals making the track incredibly infectious.


The other single, Tropical Soul sees the band slow the tempo down somewhat; Corina’s vocals once again take centre-stage, combining nicely with the subtly of Laure Medina’s piano playing. Finally, the B-Side to Tropical First Round – has a wonderful Latin vibe running through it, with a great introduction from the band’s horn players, who are outstanding on all four tracks.


Overall, these releases are simply exquisite from Paz Antiguana. The band is getting airplay across the world now, and rightly so: these are four fabulously soulful, jazzy songs that make perfect listening material for relaxing and chilling out. The band hope to tour the UK in the near future, and I’ll be waiting at the airport with open arms.


George Haffenden.


You can listen to all of the band’s tracks here on Soundcloud:

Album Preview: Lady Gaga goes ‘Cheek to Cheek’ with…Tony Bennett?!

“I’ve a new album coming out with my good friend Lady Gaga at the end of September… I ask you to go out and buy it. She needs the money.” 

Tony Bennett, iTunes Festival – London.


Lady Gaga, the singer who has sold in the region of 25 million albums, and who has had critical and commercial success with tracks like ‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’, and ‘Just Dance’, is now trying her hand at, er, jazz. And, in order to do so, she has teamed up with her new bestie, the 88-year-old jazz and easy listening singing legend, Tony Bennett.


Tony Bennett – who is most famous for singing Fly Me To The Moon originally, and for his 1962 signature song ‘I Left My Heart In San Francisco’ – has had nothing but praise for Lady Gaga, while in return it is clear that she is in total awe of him. Now, for the legendary crooner recording an album of duets with famous friends is nothing particularly new, and is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, the rise of the duet-album-format is largely in part due to the impressive recent success that Tony Bennett has had with his ‘Duets’ and ‘Duets II’ albums, which has seen him singing with an impressive number of outstanding vocalists, from Aretha Franklin to Michael Bublé.


For Tony, then, this album is not much of a risk at all: he’s 88, no doubt incredibly loaded, still got the voice and is still in demand on tour and in the studio (and at the iTunes Festival he had his fair share of younger lady fans too, the old dog). Yet, for Lady Gaga however, it does appear to be somewhat of a risky venture. After all, she is only 28 years of age, yet is singing love songs with a man who could be her grandfather. Indeed, some her most refined and most rational ‘little monsters’ have taken to social media to express their distain for her latest project in a most articulate way:


I am sorry but Lady Gaga is oveeeer.




S***** song. Gaga’s gasping for attention using Tony Bennett. Damnn gaga, you are irrelevant now. Artpop flopped, no hit single since born this way. Just focus on your f”art” thingy please.”


Worthwhile contributions, I’m sure you’ll agree. But such sentiment has not stopped Lady Gaga becoming best friends with the man Frank Sinatra labeled ‘the best singer in the world’. Indeed, she’s been posting photos and selfies with Tony on Twitter for months, made several high profile public appearances with him, and for Tony’s 88th birthday she flew a plane over San Francisco with a banner attached, reading ‘Happy Birthday Tony [Heart] Gaga’ – which Tony later called ‘the best birthday ever’. Much time and effort has gone into crafting an image of the pair together, including the shooting of a special concert to be aired in the States shortly. Even fashion retailer H&M have come on board with the ‘Cheek to Cheek’ concept by hiring the two for their Christmas advertising campaign: Lady Gaga wore H&M designs, whilst suits similar to Tony’s will be available for purchase.


So, what about the music they’ve made together? Two singles have been released so far, the first being a cover of the Cole Porter song ‘Anything Goes’, which is a light, up-tempo jazz stomper which sees both Tony and Lady Gaga trading lyrics off each other with ease and style, and both resist the temptation to try and out-sing the other.




The second single release is cover of the jazz standard ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ – a song every man and his proverbial dog appear to have recorded. Nonetheless, there’s something more to this version than many of the others, with Lady Gaga powerfully taking the opening lead over an exquisite organ intro. This song is much slower than ‘Anything Goes’, but the chemistry between the two stars is still evident, and also demonstrates that Lady Gaga’s singing abilities are not just limited to overproduced pop-songs.



Whether or not you’ll enjoy these duets depends, I guess, on your musical taste – I love jazz, and I love Tony Bennett – but if you’re a diehard Lady Gaga fan its understandable that you might be confused about her latest career choice. Alternatively, you could embrace it and enjoy the form of music that nearly every other musical genre is based upon: jazz.


‘Cheek to Cheek’ is available from 23rd September, with both a standard release and deluxe release. The singles ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love are out now.

Tony Bennett is currently on a UK tour – 9th September, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall; 11th September, Birmingham Symphony Hall.

Lady Gaga is returning to the UK on tour this autumn, playing the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena on 22nd November.



George Haffenden.


Chase & Status feat. Louis M^ttrs – Lost Not Found


In keeping with Chase & Status’ trance-like lyric dance anthems of the past Lost Not Found does not disappoint. I pictured it easily filling a dance floor with people straining to sing along as loudly as they could. The soft vocals of Louis M^ttrs (an aspiring singer, view songwriter and producer from Brighton) really bring something fresh to the track. I like to think the up and coming Brighton producer/singer-songwriter will surely receive more career interest now he’s featured on with the big wigs of house music. The single was premiered as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ earlier in the week on BBC Radio 1, it was thus suitably well received by his radio album.


The song itself has a more chilled vibe if that’s even possible on a dance track. I find it aided my revision very well and I’m yet to tire of having it on repeat along with their former work. Many fans of C&S are glad to hear something closer to their original work as heard on their first album More than a lot. The debut album heralded 3 number 1 dance hits between 2007-9 and we wish every such success for this new endeavour. The pair are currently working on a new album with a supposedly ‘darker’ vibe than the other two. In theory there should be another new single or two released pre-festival season to please the crowds.


Georgina Murray


Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out


The clock hits 9pm. You’ve had your dinner, hopped in the shower, and are just adding whatever finishing product to make yourself look half decent for a night out. Everyone has a particular song  they listen to on repeat while doing this final stage; a song to get you in the mood before people start arriving for pre-drinks or you grab your crate and head over to a mate’s house. Russ Chimes‘ new single, ‘Turn Me Out’, is a soon-to-be disco/house classic. Featuring samples from the popular ‘Turn Me Out’ by Praxis, featuring the vocals of Kathy Brown, a song which is still remixed today, this ‘Turn Me Out’ is an entirely separate beast. While the 1994 hit has more of an R&B flavour to it, Chimes’ interpretation could make even the most hardened grouch tap their feet or throw a few shapes around their living room before they decide it’s acceptable to hit Sinners.


Chris Taylor