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EP Review: Holychild – Mindspeak – Newcastle Student Radio

January 31, 2015 Head of Music

EP Review: Holychild – Mindspeak

Who wouldn’t be attracted by a super colourful donut covered in sprinkles? That is exactly what caught my attention when I first saw Holy Child’s sample EP in our studio at NSR.


I took it with me to the library, and with an intense schedule full of assignments deadlines and exams ahead of me, I put it in my computer and waited for inspiration.

And there I found it!


The first song “Happy With Me”, immediately puts a smile on your face and you find yourself singing along, following the rhythm with your head even if it is the first time you hear it. Those bouncy and girly tunes will tickle your imagination and take you somewhere in sunny California, on the beach, even if, harsh but true, you are in cloudy Newcastle, studying in a dark room.


This feeling of lightness never leaves you until the end of the EP, it is then when you will be abruptly taken back to reality and wish there were more song in it.


The playlist has only 4 tracks on but they are consistent, they seem to follow a chronological order that in the end will tell you a story about love, men, relationship, life…The music style keeps the same pace throughout the 15 minutes lent of the EP, sometime speeding with more indie, electro-pop sounds like in “Playboy Girl”, to a heavier drums presence in “Every Time I Fall”, until you reach the last song, “Pretend Believe”, with a completely different pace, the least bubbly and pop of the whole lot, that reminds me of mix between the Morningwood, in their early days with “Nth Degree”, and the synthpop vibes of an early LaRoux.


Fun, glamour, feminism, drums, a hint of the 80s music and modern electro-indie influences, the result is definitely positive. the Holychild are for sure a duo we should keep our eyes on.


Sara Antonacci