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Gig Review: Hudson Taylor, Riverside – Newcastle Student Radio

February 5, 2015 Head of Music

Gig Review: Hudson Taylor, Riverside

It’s hard to believe that this is Hudson Taylor’s first ever headline tour; they know exactly what they’re doing. As you look further however, link it comes as no surprise, drug for a band that have been performing on the streets of Dublin, pills as well as touring with the likes of Jake Bugg and Kodaline, they know how to take the stage.

This brotherly duo’s chemistry radiates the venue as they exhibit pop folk in its greatest form, though revamping it for the modern audience. Influences such as Simon and Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers shine through. It would be wrong to deny them their place amongst the Irish indie movement, currently experiencing success within mainstream pop. Singles “Battles” and “Chasing Rubies” succeeded all expectations, which was then complimented well with new tracks off their soon to be released album “Singing For Strangers” that all sounded like hit after hit, particularly “World Without You”.

We found ourselves singing along to songs that were completely new to us. While they have the feel of big hit singles they seem to flow together in a beautifully natural way lyrically and musically. Nothing summed this up better, than when Harry and Alfie broke away from their band and performed acoustically together, amplifying the true emotions behind their music. Along with this they knew how to keep us as an audience on our toes, ensuring we also took part in their prevalent melodic harmonies.

What makes this band so special is that the content and style of these brothers is so universal that any music lover can appreciate their sound. We would thoroughly recommend pre ordering “Singing For Strangers” which will undoubtedly be a success. One’s to look out for indeed.


Alex Mackenzie, Lottie Bovill, and Andy Brown.

NSR Meet Alfie from Hudson Taylor by Newcastle Student Radio on Mixcloud