October 10, 2012 NSR Admin

Holy Motors (18)

Usually, ed I really like obscure films. I have seen a lot of weird and wonderful movies, pharmacy but Holy Motors is not one I would entirely call wonderful. It was just confusing. You follow the life of Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) and his limo driver Céline going to 9 appointments, abortion where Oscar takes on the life of a character. There is no explanation for why he does this; I assume it is his job, and it seems utterly random and for no real purpose.

His weird journey consists of becoming: A begging, old gypsy, a motion-captured dancing snake, a crazy homeless man who kidnaps a model and gets inappropriately aroused as she sings to him in a cave, a fake dad who is angry that his daughter isn’t dancing with boys at parties, a dying Uncle, a doppelganger tracksuit guy in a warehouse, a husband with a monkey family ‘whose lives will get better,’ and others that obviously made too little of an impression for me to remember. The ending makes even less sense than the whole film, not to say too much but: talking limos.

If you like films that are totally mind-boggling, with no plot and feel ultimately pointless – or can see past the insanity to find a deep meaning – Holy Motors is for you. If you enjoy movies where you don’t feel like you’ve wasted 2 hours of your life, avoid this.

Cat Jennings

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