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Interview & Gig Review: Bear’s Den, The Cluny – Newcastle Student Radio

March 8, 2015 Head of Music

Interview & Gig Review: Bear’s Den, The Cluny

The Cluny’s intimate feel was the perfect setup to emphasize Bear’s Den music. When entering the gig, the room was packed, with fans spilling into every corner and lending their eyes and ears to the magic of the bearded trio. They opened with one of their most popular songs “Elysium”, where the prominent use of the trumpet created a sense of nostalgia that echoed throughout the entire set. Though the banjo and trumpet where noticeable, they did not overpower the unique guitar playing; creating the perfect balance between indie folk and country. The songs “Don’t let the Sun Steal You Away” and “Agape” brought the energy out of the crowd and highlighted the bands ability to guide the audience throughout; as we felt part of the whole experience, rather than detached viewers. The gig as a whole was an artistic piece, with their songs flowing seamlessly as their album “Islands” does. The bands main personal love of Lenard Cohen is main influence to their sound, which is comparable to such bands like Of Monsters and Men and Mumford and Son’s, who they have previously supported. The bands lyrics tell various meaningful stories, which many artist today lack in. The trio’s unity was outwardly seen when they would interact with each other mid song. This did not separate the crowd from the band but alternatively did the opposite and drew us in more. Not only did they connect with us on a musical and lyrical level but on a physical one too. This was shown when they joined us in crowd and played an acoustic version of “Bad Blood”. They finished the promising set with the song “Sahara” from their original album “Without/Within”, which highlighted their incredible songwriting skills from the get go as well as finishing the show on a high.

Andy Brown and Lottie Bovill

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