November 17, 2014 Head of Music

Live Review: Hybrid Minds, WHQ

At the end of last month I was lucky enough to go to World Headquarters in order to see Hybrid Minds play an extensive 2 hour set. For those of you that don’t know, cure Hybrid Minds are a two-man act, cialis comprising of Josh White & Matt Lowe, who have revolutionised the Drum and Bass scene, with their unique twist on the relatively new ‘Liquid Drum & Bass’ sub-genre.

Whilst ‘DnB’ is known for it’s deep, powerful bass-lines, contrasted against a hard hitting drum kit, it’s ‘Liquid’ counterpart places more focus on creating a soulful melodic sound; instead utilising gentle, rhythmic drums combined with a subtle ‘rolling’ bass line. This variation creates an easy going, yet energetic deviation from what can, at times, be an aggressive genre – and Hybrid Minds are a perfect example of this.

With a set built around their recent debut album ‘Mountains’, the intimate World Headquarters crowd were excited to get a chance to hear their new material, alongside some of their genre defining tracks – and they did not disappoint. The feeling of eagerness and anticipation I underwent as I heard the slow teasing intro to ‘Halcyon’ is an overcoming of emotions that is few and far between for me these days; as I find that few acts have that novelty factor left – however, Hybrid Minds is certainly one of them. I was not alone in this feeling, as the rest of the crowd danced along beside me, stimulated by the familiar ‘kick – snare’ pattern that we have come to know and love.

Their set continued to improve onwards and upwards, as they entered into their final hour, playing tracks such as ‘Meant To Be’, ‘Fade’ and ‘Summer Rain’, with each song providing perfect examples of the smooth, melodic yet emotional sound that Hybrid Minds have become famed for. As each song seemingly extracted more energy from the passionate crowd than the last, they geared up for their final track of the evening; the lead single from their debut album, ‘Trauma’. The song was met with an equally warm reception, and the familiar chant of ‘One more choon!!’ ensued, as they were escorted from the stage and out of the club.

I felt that it was unfortunate that the act were only allowed to play a two hour set, as I feel they had far more music to offer. However, with that said, the opportunity to see my favourite act for the first time – inside the four walls of my favourite club in Newcastle – is an event which I am unlikely to ever forget.


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