February 7, 2014 NSR Admin

Nightlife: Alpha @ the O2

Tomorrow night will see the opening of ‘Alpha’ at the O2 Academy, view the alternative club night set to take place every subsequent Saturday night thereafter.

Bringing Alternative music to one of the biggest rooms in Newcastle, the Academy’s sound system will be blasting away the cobwebs of the working week with an amalgamation of the new and old. Classics past and future across two rooms, who could want more than that?

With the main room giving you huge alternative tunes old and new, the second room, ‘Omega’, will be the place to go for a bit of everything from mainstream pleasers to punk and rock classics; a place to unveil those dance moves you’ve been secretly working on.

With Alpha already being a well-established alternative night in the North-East, it’s about to go Oh-so-Mega, in its bigger new home. For £5 on the door you can enjoy all this from 10:30pm till 3:30am this and every Saturday.

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