March 6, 2014 NSR Admin

NUTS Presents Laura Wade’s Alice – Northern Stage – 26th February 2014

As the Cheshire Cat cries, “We’re all made here!” the audience are catapulted into the crazy world of wonderland in this excellent interpretation of the classic tale. Alice combines the old and the new to create a show filled with odd and extravagant characters.

In a both hilarious and moving tale, Alice is a perfect show for Newcastle University’s Theatre Society with a cast throwing themselves into their roles.

A brilliant performance lasting the whole show came from Esther Fearn as the title character, giving a new attitude to the original Alice and conveyed a roller-coaster of emotion from the mix of anger and silence at a funeral to self-discovery, providing a poignant end to the show.

A notable mention must go to the fantastic Megan Hindle who showed superb energy as the crazy Duchess and also the Mock Turtle keeping the audience laughing the whole way through.

Also, Christopher Owen gave a flawless performance as the Cheshire Cat, striking a great balance between charm and menace as he crawled onto stage with elegance.

The wonderful partnership of Rachel Smith and Kate Beckwith as Tweedledum and Tweedledee offered another energetic scene that had the audience in stitches.

With a fantastic final night, Dan Galvin and Lexy Phillips should be proud of a cast who brought some extremely complex characters to life and got another semester for NUTS off to a flying start.

Emil Franchi