May 21, 2013 NSR Admin

Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out


The clock hits 9pm. You’ve had your dinner, hopped in the shower, and are just adding whatever finishing product to make yourself look half decent for a night out. Everyone has a particular songĀ  they listen to on repeat while doing this final stage; a song to get you in the mood before people start arriving for pre-drinks or you grab your crate and head over to a mate’s house. Russ Chimes‘ new single, ‘Turn Me Out’, is a soon-to-be disco/house classic. Featuring samples from the popular ‘Turn Me Out’ by Praxis, featuring the vocals of Kathy Brown, a song which is still remixed today, this ‘Turn Me Out’ is an entirely separate beast. While the 1994 hit has more of an R&B flavour to it, Chimes’ interpretation could make even the most hardened grouch tap their feet or throw a few shapes around their living room before they decide it’s acceptable to hit Sinners.


Chris Taylor