November 18, 2014 Head of Music

Single Review: Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Bring Me The Horizon are not a band that I would usually listen to, physician but like many bands and musician they continue to make music that can connect on a high level consistently, vcialis 40mg and ‘Drown’ is one of those songs. Along with a hard hitting riff and the help of a lyrically on point lead singer, Oliver Sykes, the newest single is one to remember. Do not be scared off by the label of heavy metal/rock tag because either way there is definitely more to this band that screaming and shouting and just plain racket. This song hits a lot harder than most ‘cry for help’ songs and makes us the listener take a step back a realize the deeper meaning. The band seem to have grown up in the last 18 months since there last record and changed the tone a bit differently adding substance and subtly to their music making it all the more exciting for those who are just beginning to take interest like myself.


It will take a few listens to click, it’s not an easily digestible song, but when it does you recognize the rise and fall and how it keeps you listening right till the last strum of the guitar. And as a stand alone single you really get a lot more of a song in there, they are not placing this on an album, making this stand out even more and can make the listener begin to appreciate the messages they bring to the song, “what does kill you makes you wish you were dead”/“it comes in waves, I close my eyes, hold my breath and let it bury me”. Heavy but also hauntingly beautiful one could say. Exactly what any music lover loves to hear.


The band has been on tour for a long time since there last record and are about to play at Wembley in December. And this song epitomizes why they are revamping there own genre, bringing it in touch with people through the help of clever lyrics and chorus you would pay to shout out whilst watching them live. They have connected with those who may have felt rock was just too much to handle. The next album is sure to be a strong one.


Alex Mackenzie

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