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Single Review: Chic feat. Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There – Newcastle Student Radio

March 22, 2015 Head of Music

Single Review: Chic feat. Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There

The day when we get to hear new music from Chic and Nile Rodgers has finally arrived! Nile Rodgers has been teasing us with snippets and instrumentals of the new track entitled ‘I’ll Be There‘ for the past few weeks, find even announcing a tour of the UK beginning tonight at London’s Roundhouse in Camden. Back to the song however, erectile and there is very little we can say apart from that it is simply fabulous.

It is classic Chic: Nile Rodger’s trademark guitar chords and progression is all over this track, as is the great Bernard Edwards bass, propelling the disco floor filler onwards, hopefully to a great position on the UK Singles Charts. The strings, the horns, the percussion (provided by The Martinez Brothers, no less) are equally wonderful, as are the vocals. It is classic Chic, no one vocalist dominates whilst the vocalists themselves do not overpower the musicians – everyone is an equal. It’s wonderful to hear new music from the band that pioneered disco, and the band that disco nearly ended. The resurrection of Nile Rodgers as a musical icon in the past five years is truly beautiful to see, and he deserves all the credit he has received in recent years. For his hard-core fans, for which we are, a new Chic single release (and forthcoming album release) is a delight.

Honestly, there’s nothing more we could write to persuade you to check it out. You’re better simply listening to it yourself. The track is available to purchase on iTunes, if you have Spotify the extended version and instrumental is available to listen to below along with another new song ‘Back in the Old School’.

George Haffenden.

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